Friday, January 16, 2015

My Jamaican Adventure.

      Now that it is Friday I have officially finished my first week of my second semester in college. It has consisted of labs, lecture, and good friends. After coming back from a long break and coming back from Jamaica! I went to Jamaica for my sister's wedding. It was great. It was a wedding on the beach and I was the lucky maid of honor. We went to a couples resort were I roomed with my brother-in-law's sister. Every night the sunsets were out of this world. The best part was laying on the beach and trying not to cry too much during the wedding ceremony. Some other things I got to do was kayak and go on a glass bottom boat tour. On the glass bottom boat we got to see the coral reef, and some star fish. There weren't many fish because there are so many fishing boats around. The resort also had cool floating square things so sunbathe on. To say the least the worst part of the trip was going home and the day filled with 15 hours of traveling.

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