Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer before sophomore year

So I know, it has been way longer then a week. Well better late then never,

Last time I posted I just started my second semester  now it has come to end.  I now move into a house in 3 weeks. I'm very excited to live with my best friends I met in college.  The house I'm renting is a five bedroom house that I get to share with four other girls. It's also right across from campus. Throughout this summer I have been hanging out with friends, sleeping in, and watching Netflix (living the dream). In other news...I GOT A GUITAR. Guitar is something I've wanted to do for the longest time. It's so great.  I have been self' teaching my self for the past month. I have learned all the basic chords, strumming patters, and my new adventure of trying to learn how to finger pick. (maybe my next post will be all about how to self teach yourself guitar). I was a little spoiled because I did take piano lessons for 7 years so I already grasped the basics of music. Anyways I'll talk to you guys latter. :)

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