Friday, August 7, 2015

Lake Michigan

I know, I know, I didn't post on Monday. I was busy moving back for college.

Anyways this past weekend I went on a family trip to lake Michigan. It was so fun. We went salmon fishing, but I caught a trout. So here are some picture from my adventure!

Here is the first fish we caught a 8 pound salmon

The lighthouse in our marina area

Beautiful panoramic of the view

honestly cant remember if this is sun rise or sun set

Full moon. This picture doesn't do it justice

A river that goes through town in to the lake

I think this is a sun set :)

Our second fish. A Steele head trout

Monday, July 27, 2015

How to self-teach guitar

I have had my guitar for about one month now and I'm proud to say that I can play almost any song with basic chords (about 80% of songs use 2-5 chords throughout the whole song).  Something I recommend doing is watching videos on guitar before you even get one! I watched this one this guy taught me many things you don't know like how to correctly hold your pick. Speaking of picks when you buy a guitar you should get a variety pack of pick so you can find one you like. I found out I prefer John Dunlop 1 mm picks. I also found out guitars don't come tuned. I bought a tuner, but in this day and age there's and app for that. I really like the  GuitarTuna app.Next I would recommenced looking up chords. Start look at chord in the key of G because they're simple and sound great with no capo!

 After learning these chords you can now play most songs!  Something the frustrated me is after about 30 minutes of practicing my first day my fingers hurt soo bad. The good news is after 3-4 weeks your fingers will never hurt again because you'll get calluses *yay*.

I know now you want to learn your favorite song. What I do is just google "song title chords" and the first link is probably going to be I do enjoy this website! If the chords are too complicated all you do is click on the ver # and find another version with simpler chords and good reviews.

When you find a good song with simple chords and good ratings play the chords while singing the song. No matter if your a horrible singer this is the best way to learn. I would start by playing only down stokes. Once you have master chord transitions, now you can play the strumming pattern where I also find online or just play around to see what sounds best.

I really hope this helped! If you have any questions, go right ahead and I will answer them :)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer before sophomore year

So I know, it has been way longer then a week. Well better late then never,

Last time I posted I just started my second semester  now it has come to end.  I now move into a house in 3 weeks. I'm very excited to live with my best friends I met in college.  The house I'm renting is a five bedroom house that I get to share with four other girls. It's also right across from campus. Throughout this summer I have been hanging out with friends, sleeping in, and watching Netflix (living the dream). In other news...I GOT A GUITAR. Guitar is something I've wanted to do for the longest time. It's so great.  I have been self' teaching my self for the past month. I have learned all the basic chords, strumming patters, and my new adventure of trying to learn how to finger pick. (maybe my next post will be all about how to self teach yourself guitar). I was a little spoiled because I did take piano lessons for 7 years so I already grasped the basics of music. Anyways I'll talk to you guys latter. :)

Friday, January 16, 2015

My Jamaican Adventure.

      Now that it is Friday I have officially finished my first week of my second semester in college. It has consisted of labs, lecture, and good friends. After coming back from a long break and coming back from Jamaica! I went to Jamaica for my sister's wedding. It was great. It was a wedding on the beach and I was the lucky maid of honor. We went to a couples resort were I roomed with my brother-in-law's sister. Every night the sunsets were out of this world. The best part was laying on the beach and trying not to cry too much during the wedding ceremony. Some other things I got to do was kayak and go on a glass bottom boat tour. On the glass bottom boat we got to see the coral reef, and some star fish. There weren't many fish because there are so many fishing boats around. The resort also had cool floating square things so sunbathe on. To say the least the worst part of the trip was going home and the day filled with 15 hours of traveling.